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Artist Statement

    My work explores the modern human condition. The exponential rate of change in modern society over the last century has shown us just how fluid and malleable our very identity as human beings can be. And, as we seem to be in the midst of an even greater global paradigm shift, it’s becoming harder to fully understand our purpose, our future, and our connection to the world around us. If we look at the pervading trends in the development of human society (from the dawn of language, the development of stone tools, to the building of cathedrals adorned in art, all the way to the industrial revolution, and now the digital age), there seems to be a consistency in some subconscious pursuit to live in a world we have created. All these things around us (buildings, art, technology) they are ideas, mental thoughts manifested into reality. The physical expression of creativity is something uniquely human. We manipulate our environment more than any other known life form. We conform the world to suit our needs, our ideals, and our insatiable curiosity, and often times, at great cost to the natural environment. But are we subconsciously trying to escape the physical world? Are we compelled to integrate all of our thoughts and form a collective consciousness? Or is there some uncontainable desire to fully assimilate into a reality we have built with our own minds? Where will this force lead us, and how will it redefine what it is to be human?

    The imagery in my paintings come from the subconscious realm. In the dream-state we have a window into universal archetypes, and can see our present conditions as it relates to the core themes of human life. Our absorption into the digital world we are creating (however transient the current technological trends may be), does seem to foreshadow a major shift in human identity and cognitive behavior. We do seem more disassociated and disconnected from the physical world than ever before. As we stare into tiny screens, we make the space outside into somewhat of a void to unconsciously float through. There seems to be a thin shroud clinging to us in this space; confining and isolating us from the outside world, but also strangely comforting, as we are paradoxically more globally connected than ever before. And we are voluntarily contributing to and putting ourselves into this digital space. Self sacrifice and the archetype of rebirth are strong in the imagery that comes to me. But, is the disconcerting nature of this techno-dissociative behavior we are experiencing just a phase in the bigger picture? Are these just growing pains leading to something more positive? Regardless of whether our current state is simply a trend or not, I think it is a fascinating phase in human history, especially from a psychological perspective, because we are truly changing the way we think and communicate. I wonder where all of this is heading. There is almost a maternal element to this globally-connected digital machine we are building (in the way that we rely on it evermore for guidance and comfort. But aside from what it all means, I don’t see the trend stopping voluntarily. The tension and uncertainty of ascending towards an uncharted paradigm should be slightly ominous, but our unrelenting curiosity to explore new frontiers will no doubt persist into the shadows of the unknown.

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